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Conference Presentations

Dr. Trimis has presented workshops at conferences as a single presenter or with teams he had led all over the United States.

Leadership Summit

Association of California School Administrators "Social Media for School Leaders-Connect and Communicate" (November 7, 2019) San Diego, CA

What Works in Education

California State University, Northridge Center for Teaching and Learning "Social Media in Schools" (March 22, 2013) Northridge, CA 

Fall Conference

The California Consortium for Independent Study "Technology, Communication, and Moving Forward" (November 19, 2010) San Francisco, CA 

Fall Conference

California Music Educators Association, Southwestern Section "Building A Music Program" (September 26, 2015)  Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

High School Reform Conference

Northeast San Fernando Valley Partnership, LAUSD Local District 2 "Positive School Transformation: The Poly Story" (October 15, 2004) Pickwick Gardens, Burbank, CA

Annual Conference

Talent Development High Schools, Johns Hopkins University "The Freshman Centre at Poly HS" (March, 2005) Baltimore, MD

Annual Conference

The Education Trust "The Freshman Centre at Poly HS" (November, 2005) Washington, DC

Annual Conference

Annual Conference

The Education Trust, West "The Freshman Centre at Poly HS" (March, 2006) San Francisco, CA

Annual Conference

National Association for Year-Round Education "The Year-Round Music Program" (March 1998) Houston, TX 

Music Educators National Conference "The High School Music Major Program" (March, 1998) Kansas City, KS

Participant, High School Principal

Dr. Trimis and his team brought this information to us at just the right time. We are looking forward to implementing what we learned today at school! This will really make a difference. Thank you! 

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